[Histonet] MMA Sections

Karen Hughes hughesk <@t> upstate.edu
Tue Dec 1 09:52:33 CST 2009

I am currently embeding 2cm sections of adult rat spine in MMA including
muscle, bone and spinal cord.  I then cut 5um sections using a tungsten
carbide D profile knife on a manual microtome and mount the sections on APES
coated slides, press them in a vise between tongue depressors, and bake them
@ 41'C for a min. of 48hrs.  My problem is that when I de-placticize the
slides in Xylene (4 changes, 2x5min, 2x10min) the spinal cord falls off the
slide, while the bone stays secure.
I have also tried PolyLysine coated slides, SuperFrost Plus, and Probe On
Slides.  All with the same results.  

Does anyone have any experience with this?  Any and all Suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.


Karen S. Hughes
Research Support Specialist
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Phone (315)464-8585
hughesk <@t> upstate.edu

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