[Histonet] Re: DIF tissue in GLUT

Johnson, Teri TJJ <@t> stowers.org
Fri Aug 28 08:44:04 CDT 2009

Jim, unless they've changed methodologies since I left clinical, they process all DIF for renal biopsies for cryosectioning.

I'm very aware of the different methods for quenching autofluorescence, and I know that what works for some samples doesn't work entirely for all. Additionally, what may work for formalin induced AF may not even touch GLUT induced AF. Best thing to do is try various methods, and see what works. Even more important is to provide positive and negative controls (both treated with the chemical agents for AF) for this case so you can be reasonably certain that if you have diagnostic staining that's consistent with the controls, that it is real.

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