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Fri Aug 28 08:41:25 CDT 2009

Edie Lehman MT(ASCP), Anatomical Pathology Supervisor at Fairfield
Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio asks:

>>I am currently writing a procedure for the use of Toluidine Blue staining for both FNA's and frozen sections at the request of one of our pathologists.  Can anyone guide me in the use of this stain in lieu of Diff-Quik or H&E for rapid processing (such as references I could use, etc) and does anyone have a procedure I can cite for permanent mounting/storage of these slides?<<

If you want to prepare a suitably buffered solution of toluidine blue
for frozen sections, you'll have to look up a formula. If you don't
want to do this, write your procedure for Diff-Quik II (the blue
solution) or one of a number of generic equivalents available. (Don't
use a combined stain such as Sigma's for this purpose, unless you also
want eosin.)

Stain for a few seconds (slosh the slide through the stain till it's
evenly wetted, dehydrate rapidly through alcohols, then into xylene
(or substitute), mount in resin. Control slides are usually
unnecessary, and are an impediment to getting the frozen section done
rapidly. If the pathologist wants the eosin also (Diff-Quik I or
generic equivalent), then follow the package insert.

Diff-Quik (note the spelling) is a trademark of whatever Scientific
Products is called this week.

I would use one of the standard pathology books on frozen sections -
your pathologist should have a copy - as a reference, just to have
something on paper.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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