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Most people are unaware of this, but that's probably because Ventana
has had a contract with Cell Marque for years as their primary antibody
and other consumables source.

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I was a DAKO fan for years... But after using Ventana, I completely changed my mind!

Sure you pay a little more, but honestly the amount is negligible!  In
 fact, after pricing out Dako versus Ventana, in the end the was really no difference. Plus the quality of the Ventana is exceptional. No one can touch their antibodies...

If they don't have the antibody, Cell Marque does. (Cell Marque even puts the antibody into a Ventana style dispenser so that you register it and run!!!) Who else does that? No one. Trust me, I have checked.

OMG... now I am sounding like and ad... didn't mean too!  I think Ventana is the best.... and you can't beat their customer service dept.. Dako falls short on tech hotline help.... Ventana will even try to help you, even if you have a Dako!  I am just saying.....

Maria Katleba  HT(ASCP) Ms
Napa CA

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Ventana reagents eem to be a little pricey, but if you want a system that you can load and walk away from, it is the way to go.  DAKO is an easy enough to use instrument and is an open system, but they are going to a price per slide kind of thing, if I remmeber correctly.

I prefer the IP from
 Biocare, as is is an open system and a continuous load instrument.  And it mixes the chromagen online....

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he lab I work in has been doing demos on IHC stainers Ventana Benchmark XT and
ako's Autostainer Plus.  We could really use feed back
from current users of both.  We are having a hard time deciding between the two,
o any input would be great.
What are the Pros and Cons with both.
Gareth Blaeuer Davis, B.S.,

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