[Histonet] bubbles under coverslip

FU,DONGTAO fudo <@t> ufl.edu
Tue Aug 25 14:13:59 CDT 2009

Hi, all

  Recently we met a problem of bubbles under coverslip after we 
changed to Xylene Substitute(from Shandon) instead of Xylene. The 
bubbles immediately appear after coverslipping. At very beginning, 
we thought it was due to mounting medium. So we changed to Shandon 
Xylene Substitue Mountant, but it did not help. Right now we have 
to transfer slides from Xylene Substitute to xylene, then 
coverslip them. We hate the extra xylene step!

  Does anyone know what cause the bubbles? And how to avoid it? 
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Ann Dongtao Fu
Dept. of Pathology
University of Flodrida
Gainesville, FL 32610

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