Re: [Histonet] CD31(PECAM-1) by novocastra on FFPE rabbit tissue

TF tifei <@t>
Mon Aug 17 12:14:19 CDT 2009

i have a painful experience in have my rat FFPE tissue stained with CD31.
i failed 15 times and tried combination of 20+ antigen retrieval and primary antibody incubation methods; finally i gave up.

now, i am pretty satisfied with the CD31 staining on shock frozen tissue without PFA fixation



发件人: sotiris lakis 
发送时间: 2009-08-16  17:57:03 
收件人: histonet 
主题: [Histonet] CD31(PECAM-1) by novocastra on FFPE rabbit tissue 
I have question about CD31(PECAM-1) by novocastra. Has anybody worked with it  on FFPE rabbit tissue? I know for instance that DAKO's works, but could find no references for the one by novocastra. Moreover I am using a Bond protocol that comes with an antimouse/antirabbit IgG 2nd Ab. I could also use some suggestions about a good blocking reagent for rabbit. Company tells me I need another detection system but that's not an option...So any protocol manipulation ideas are more than wellcome!  
Thank you in advance
Sotiris Lakis 
Department of Pathology 
G.Gennimatas Community Hospital
Thessaloniki 54635 
Hellas (Greece)     
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