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Hello Histotechs!

What is everyone's opinion of the quality of the 5.2 Gallon drum of xylene
(Fisher) verses the 1 gallon (Cardinal or Fisher).  Has anyone had a purity
problem with the xylene in the 5.2 gallons verses the 1 gallon?


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Today's Topics:

   1. Good Fibrin stain with Movat's? (Amos Brooks)


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From: Amos Brooks <amosbrooks <@t> gmail.com>
Subject: [Histonet] Good Fibrin stain with Movat's?
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   Have you tried a Sirius red (in sturated picric acid) with a Weigart's
hamatoxylin for the Nucleii? I usually don't bother counterstaining the
nucleii  with this stain, but I suppose it would work. You wouuld probably
want to do the hematoxylin after the Sirius red since it is an acidic
solution and would bleach out the hematoxylin otherwise. While this isn't a
Movat's I think it might do the trick for you.


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Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 10:21:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Judith L. Williams" <juditw <@t> u.washington.edu>
Subject: [Histonet] Good Fibrin stain with Movat's?
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Greetings to all histonetters- I have a pathologist that wants to show
fibrin in lung. She wants also black nuclei and we tried  a Movat's to look
at fibrin. The fibrin in the lung is showing up light blue not red!
Any suggestions on how to show fibrin distinctly, with black nuclei?


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