[Histonet] MMA and benzoyl peroxide

ooi.ting.huay <@t> nhc.com.sg ooi.ting.huay <@t> nhc.com.sg
Thu Aug 6 01:24:20 CDT 2009

Hi, I am doing MMA plastic embedding and have a problem with getting a 
cloudy embedded sample. I am using MMA plus perkadox 16. Not too sure 
whether the cloudiness is caused by perkadox 16. I would actually like to 
try to do the embedding using MMA and benzoyl peroxide. I would appreciate 
if anyone can share with me what kind of benzoyl peroxide and the working 
concentration that I should use. With the MMA and perkadox sample, I let 
the sample polymerize at room temperature. If I change to benzoyl 
peroxide, what kind of condition is the best for it to get polymerized? 
Thank you very much!

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