[Histonet] clearing agent with easy disposal? (adding to Bill's query)

Cheryl tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Aug 5 19:47:38 CDT 2009

Hi Everyone-
>From the conversation started by Bill it's clear there are more than a few options for clearing agent chemicals (listed below without name brands). Could you all help put name brands with the type of clearant as that would help a lot?
isopar derivative/ non-aliphatic hydrocarbon.  
alkane derivatives
mineral spirits 
I was told by someone (not verified) that Clear-Rite 3 could be washed down the drain (don’t freak out, we haven’t done it) and I wanted to know if there really IS a a low odor clearing agent with easy disposal requirements for some of the smaller derm places we help that only stain (no processing)
All responses are welcome.

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