[Histonet] Control slides for Oil Red O

Gagnon, Eric gagnone <@t> KGH.KARI.NET
Fri Apr 24 14:52:41 CDT 2009

I was always of the opinion that since a delipidized frozen section, treated with toluene/methanol, run in parallel with the patient slide constituted adequate control.  Recently though, I've mellowed and realized that only shows a difference in staining between the two slides, not the effectiveness of your stain.  Using a piece of fat for a control slide confirms microscopically what we can confirm macroscopically...yep, it's a piece of fat.  
The adrenal and skin ideas sound better to me than using a piece of breast/fatty tissue. 
 The era of performing staining methods without controls seems to be at an end, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Eric Gagnon MLT
Histology Laboratory
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