[Histonet] prostate biopsy kits (LONG message sorry)

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I order my prostate kits from PATH-TEC.  I met them at the NSH and they
are such an awesome company!  They customized the whole kit AND reqs for
me.  They even fold the reqs and pack them in the box!  I can't say
enough about this company-i was just amazed at the service and price. 
They really go above and beyond and can even set it up so your clients
go online and just "order" your kits and they get billed to you.  

Good luck! 
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Hi again. 
I am in need of information and pricing on prostate biopsy kits. We have
just started taking on prostate biopsies. 
The kit that I am receiving holds 12 "20 ml" specimen bottles and they
are made by Bostwick Labs. The urologists  
were sending them out to be processed but now that we have a pathology
lab, it is in everyone's best interest to keep 
them in house. I love that we can give a quicker turnaround time for the
doctors that are used to sending them out.  
My problem is this, once I use up all of the kits that the urologists
have already bought, I will need my own. I need to keep the same 
order that they are used to, all of the 12 sites are preprinted below
the hole that holds the specimen bottle in the box. (Maybe the 
list is a standard template used by all doctors now for prostate
biopsies, I don't know.) 
I was going to try to come up with something myself to save money,
homemade. I don't have time to shop around for the best price, 
but is it best for me to buy the kits? I just did a quick glance online
and saw some kits (12 specimen) for 7.50/each. Is that good or 
can I do better? OR do any of you have an idea for the homemade version?
I just need to make sure that my sites are exactly 
in the order that the doctors are used to seeing and 3 rows, left to
right, top to bottom. I was going to reuse the boxes if they were 
 not visibly contaminated and just put in 20 ml prefilled formalin
bottles, but I am not sure that is a good thing. I worry about  
hygiene, cross contamination etc. Any help or words of wisdom would be
great. If I had the time I would shop around but I have 
no spare time right now. I thought about getting something like the old
plastic test tube racks (only with bigger holes) and putting 
solvent resistant labels on them and sanitizing them prior to returning
to the urology dept. with new prefilled formalin bottles. 
Is that feasible?  
Any sales reps that are on the histonet, please email me any quotes on
the kits. I am having a hard time fielding all the phone calls 
right now. 
Thanks so much.  
Jodi Putnam (HT,ASCP) 
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