[Histonet] Large coverslips?

Bryan Llewellyn llewllew <@t> shaw.ca
Tue Apr 7 09:11:46 CDT 2009

Whenever I needed to prepare projection slides I coverslipped with another 
regular glass slide, then cleaned up the edges after the mounting medium 
dried.  Low power microscopy was still possible providing the working 
distance for the objective lens was greater than 1 mm.

Bryan Llewellyn

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Subject: [Histonet] Large coverslips?

Hi all,

I’m looking for some kind of a DIY coverslip or a tape, plastic foil… 
anything usable to cover some large slides (+/- 4.5cm * 15cm = 1.8inch * 
5.9inch) containing botanical and zoological sections mounted in Canada 

Does anyone has a (cheap…) solution for this? It doesn’t need to be pristine 
optical quality as the slides are primarely intended to be used on an 
overhead projector in the class room, but the possibility of viewing them 
under low power (40x - 100x) would be a real advantage.

Thanks in advance four your wisdom and knowledge!


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