[Histonet] Large coverslips?

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Tue Apr 7 08:39:19 CDT 2009

You could use a transparent thin polystyrene sheet cut to the size you need and cement it to your slides with the Canada balsam.
I just got somewhat confused with what you wrote about "low power 40x - 100x".
If you are referring to an objective magnification, a 40x is always considered a "high dry power" and a 100x is always an oil immersion (unless it is a "dry" mineralogical high power objective).
Any way, a polystyrene sheet will allow you to use the 40x objective.
René J.

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Hi all,

I’m looking for some kind of a DIY coverslip or a tape, plastic foil…
anything usable to cover some large slides (+/- 4.5cm * 15cm = 1.8inch *
5.9inch) containing botanical and zoological sections mounted in Canada Balsam.

Does anyone has a (cheap…) solution for this? It doesn’t need to be
pristine optical quality as the slides are primarely intended to be used on an
overhead projector in the class room, but the possibility of viewing them under
low power (40x - 100x) would be a real advantage. 

Thanks in advance four your wisdom and knowledge!


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