[Histonet] Entamoeba Trophozoites

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It is obviously too late for this email to be useful in this case but I will offer a suggestion for future reference. When E histolytica
 in volves the liver it typically is in the form of an abscess. Look very carefulls at the specimen and  make a wet prep 
smear of a small amount of tissue from anything that looks different than the normal brown appearing liver tissue. If you see 
anything soft or liquifactive yellowish or tan this would be ideal. Crush a speck of this tissue on a slide with a little saline and
 examine immediately with a lot of contrast. If  E. histolitica are present you will see these cool little buggers, not much bigger than
 a histiocyte with small cookie cutter round nuckei and I tiny central dot crawling around the slide with purposeful motion and 
some containg RBCs. The encysted forms are a bit larger, rounder  and contain 4 nucleoli. If recieved in saline it would be
 worth spinning down the saline an having a look at that. You can stain the slides as discribed above after looking at the wet

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