[Histonet] Problems with mouse brains

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have very light H&E staining: first you should check if either your eosin or
haematoxilin are over used

nuclear bubbling: can be a lot of things but can be inclusion.
Brain sections are big so make at least a 24 h inclusion process.

and extensive tissue cracking: could be over heating or bad inclusion. You
have to check if reagents in inclusors are ok or over passed, I would change
all reagents.

I also have noticed some formalin pigment: your formol is not well

2009/4/3 Randolph-Habecker, Julie <jhabecke <@t> fhcrc.org>

> Folks,
> I need some input on a problem we're seeing with some mouse brain
> samples. The samples are from new born mice P0 to P14 which have been
> fixed in 10% NBF (Fisher brand and well within expiration date) for 72
> hours. They are then transferred to 70% etoh and processed on an 8 hour
> process. After the tissue is embedded, we are taking sagital sections,
> drying them overnight, and then baking overnight at 60C. They are then
> stained with H&E. This has been working great but now all of a sudden we
> have very light H&E staining, nuclear bubbling, and extensive tissue
> cracking. I also have noticed some formalin pigment.
> My first thought is that there was difference in formalin or time in
> formalin but that is not the case. I also wondered if the tissue might
> be exposed to excessive heat. We checked all of the temperatures in our
> processor, embedding center, and water baths - all were within
> tolerance.
> Any ideas what might cause all three artifacts? Could it be from
> inadequate paraffin infiltration?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Julie
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