[Histonet] as Thanksgiving approaches, what do you think about a gall bladder in vinegar ?

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Use brine as a base for all pickling. Mix 6 cups distilled water, 3 cups
white vinegar and 1/2 cup pickling salt in a large pot. Boil gently.

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> I have a patient requesting her gall bladder be returned to her for
> religious reasons.
> The premise I've been given is so that, upon death, the patient may be
> stored with her body parts.
> My facility has concerns about providing it to her in formalin (for obvious
> reasons) or alcohol. The patient admits this is a family practice with
> momma's appendix already being stored in the attic.
> It can get a bit toasty warm here in the South so attic storage of a
> specimen in alcohol may not be prudent and I can't be absolutely certain it
> wouldn't burn the house down, another potential liability for my
> institution.
> I'm tempted to give it to her in food grade vinegar, to avoid the potential
> liabilities from using anything that could be considered hazardous.
> Assuming that returning her gall bladder is a given, what do you think of
> using vinegar for this purpose?
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