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I don't know this person, so I'll answer in general.

I get a lot of these types of requests at my school. Most seem to be from
the Middle East or Africa. When emailing with them, it mostly appears that
they just want to find a quicker way to get into the US. 

Realize that in most cases, if they are thinking about:
- attending a NAACLS accredited college/university based HT/HTL program,
they are still going to need to get a student visa first, which can take
- attending a NAACLS accredited hospital-based HT/HTL program, then a
student visa does not work, nor does a work visa. I haven't really found a
way to get people from other countries into my hospital-based program
(Canada excluded from this comment, as I'm in Michigan and they are
literally across the river).
- working at a US hospital/lab to do "on-the-job-training", then they need
to first get a temporary work visa to enter the US. Or, they need to find a
lab that will "sponsor" them, which costs the hospital/lab a lot of money
and paperwork.

So as you can see, the correct method of getting into the US for histology
training is for the person to first get a student visa, work visa or
sponsorship. So there's not a lot anyone in a US Histology lab or NAACLS
HT/HTL program can do to help someone from another country to get training
in the US, if the person doesn't already have a legal way of getting into
the US. 

The other problem is, does training in the US really allow them to take
qualification exams in their country? For example, training in another
country (excluding Canada) does not allow people to sit for the ASCP HT/HTL
exam. For ASCP, the training/experience has to be in a US or Canada
histology lab. If the person from another country can get 1 year experience
and/or NAACLS program, then they could take the ASCP exam. And then US labs
would be more willing to hire them, possibly sponsor them. So this is
another route that people are trying to take, to get and stay in the US.

Like I said, I don't know this person. Possibly their lab is willing to pay.
Maybe they do want to go back to their country with this new knowledge. It
might be a legitimate request. But that's not been my experience with these
types of requests.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Is there anyone out there that can answer this gentleman's questions.  He is
interested in getting advanced training in histotechnology over a 4 month
period.  We offer an AS degree and the HT classes are spread out over 2
Thank you,

hi Sir,

I am khalid al-housni from Oman working as histotechnician with bachelor
degree working in SQU Hospital since 5 years. I am looking for very good
advanced training in histotechnology to reach  qualified experience . 
duration( 4 months )
I hope that you will give me your support  and my Job Administration will
pay for this training.

Thanx alot.

aboelyas <@t> hotmail.com
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