[Histonet] Dozens of job openings...histotech to histotech

Cheryl tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Nov 20 19:44:42 CST 2008

Hi Everyone--

Dozens of openings--all sorts of situations: bench, research, IHC, grossing,
supervisor, magagerial...and a few other variations.

We have clients in 49 states (if Hawaii comes up I get first dibs!!)--all
the jobs you've seen posted here are with labs that work with us, too.  So
then~~what sets us apart? 

We start by understanding what YOU want instead of with a list of jobs to
fill...and we don't push. For many positions we've had temps in place and
can tell you both the good and the icky. Wouldn't that be nice to know
before you decide?

How about a job that REALLY fits for the new year??  Finding a new job takes
a month or two (or three) of serious searching and who has that kind of
time?  We specialize in histology with a few additional jobs for
Pathologists' Assistants, Cytologist and a few Med Tech positions for people
in good labs we like to work with.  The conversation is easy and
confidential.  We'll help with resumes, coach you for your interviews and
even tell you if we think the job is NOT a good fit...but we ALWAYS respect
the fact that it's your life, your career and it effects your family. 

I have a couple of people yet to call from recent emails and I apologize for
taking so long to return your inquiry. Trust that we'll take the time to get
to know you~~rushing is for frozen sections!! 


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