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Got you beat by 6 years Sara, and I remember all those fun things too, except 
I did not visit the bees. And the reason you colored the alcohol was to keep 
the interns and residents from having a party and using it all up. I also 
remember making hematoxylin and our ceiling had a huge purple circle right 
over the counter where we made it and "blew" it up. :)  Those were the good 
ole days, well old anyway.

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>I remember in the Olde Days (1971-76 or so) we got our ethanol in 50
>gallon drums and it was my job to color the alcohol with something pink
>so it would be "recognized".  Don't remember what the "pink" stuff was
>and I'm sure there was a reason for coloring it but I was young and
>didn't think I needed to know that, apparently.  I did that, as I
>remember, after gathering eggs from the chicken house for the albumen
>and fighting the bees off for the wax... nah! - I'm not THAT old!  I do
>remember round snap cassettes and L-shaped molds and sharpening knives
>on a glass plate.. maybe it's time for me to retire.  Come to think of
>it - my ASCP certificate tells me that on March 7, 2009, I will have
>been practicing histology for FORTY years.  Maybe I do remember the wax
>and chickens... And maybe I need to keep practicing!  That's my Friday
>Fume for this L-O-N-G very interesting week in the world... adios.
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