[Histonet] Thank you!

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Wed Nov 5 09:54:32 CST 2008

Many thanks for intervening.
Elfi Hacker
Hacker Industries
Winnsboro, SC

Dear Histonetters:
I am the list administrator and I would like to  ask that people please 
refrain from further political comments on the list.  I know this is a touchy 
topic but this is not the forum for these  discussions.  Please remember, my 
colleagues and I at the University of  Texas Southwestern Medical Center run 
this list using University resources  and it would be a real shame if they 
were to decide this was not a good use  of their funds due to the off-topic 
comments etc. The Histonet list is an  amazing collection of >3300 people 
from around the world helping each  other and we really need to stick to 
topics pertinent to Histology.  Thanks.
Linda M
Histonet administrator

Linda Margraf,  MD
Professor of Pathology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical  School
Dallas TX USA
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