[Histonet] Hematoxylin Shortage??

Carl Hobbs carl.hobbs <@t> kcl.ac.uk
Mon Mar 31 14:45:32 CDT 2008

Kemlo: I was attempting to be flippant: you know, we go to the Supermarket 
and buy "organic" produce.....
I do not deride such people as Wallington: they paved the way. Massive 
Well, I have more respect for Katie Page, who actually tried to make thing 
WORK, rather than regurgitating methodology...( even if she found her last 
lover in Eric......
according to the Papers I read..no way do I state this as my own )

Just that many got stuck in a rut.
We do.....
As I am approaching his age, when he dismissed me, I feel a similar 
"rear-guard" action.

 However, he had moved on by challenging those that came before him, also, 
Not sure but, Wallington served me very well, in the early days of my 
passion for histology.

( hur, hur, I still feel that way about another "bible" Theory and Practise 
of histological Techniques"...however, seems to me that the majority of 
Chapters are just regurgitations.....gimme Kiernan any time ;-)

Back tomounting media: Sure, each  mounting medium has it's 
place.....particularly regarding the all-important RI.
However, I have never noticed the difference, in routine Histological 
The navel-gazing regarding RI was based upon historical microscopic 
Which are still evident today, sigh.....not many set up their microscopes 
( Kohler-wise) to avoid that GLARE.......sigh.
It is extremely important that new generations understand Kohler 
illumination, Firstly. Mounting medium, secondarily!
So many times, I see brightfield images that have that "glare"...

Yes, Barry: Sincere respects, but, "I feel canada balsam is better"......is 
it or not?
I think I understand your stance, as I come from the Canada balsam skool.
Luverly smell, too....;-)
However....open for discussion.
When I worked in dental stuff, we always used CB: when I became in charge, I 
swapped to DPX: good, good.
Dried quicker, gave a result quicker......who gave a damn about the minutiae 
of RI.
Anyway, Barry, ground sections do not comply.....they are too thick!
I know, I did them for several years: also , I did methyl methacrylate bone 
stuff, mounting in DPX....;-)

Best wishes,

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