[Histonet] Hematoxylin Shortage??

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Thought Haematoxylin solution had organic chemicals in it; it does, doesn't
it? Maybe your right, maybe we don't need to know what goes into to things
anymore; but maybe innovation may be the casualty.

I'm staggered when asking Band 7 specialist practitioners if they know
what's in something to find they haven't got a clue. That's all disciplines
not just Histology, Pharmacists still seem to know what's in their 

Do people still make up Retic solution or is that bought in too?

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No such thang as "organic" Haemalum....lol
I personally am damn glad those horrible days of pontificating Histologists 
are over.
I recall a meeting with Eric Wallington ( A God to us UK Histologists) when 
I was giving a talk about MOVING on...
I presented DPX as a BEST mounting cement. That man dissed me. massive!
He buried me, to the amusement of the audience..." nothing can replace 
Canada Balsam"
However, I have been proved right.

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