[Histonet] Immuno on decaled toenail????

BSylinda <@t> aol.com BSylinda <@t> aol.com
Fri Mar 28 15:26:12 CDT 2008

Hello Histoland,
Is there any techs that have performed an immuno stains such as S100 on a  
toenail?  Had any problems with staining after using a decal  solution?  I have 
stained twice and pathologist is not happy with staining  pattern.  This is 
the first nail that I've had to do a immunohistochemical  stain on to rule out 
melanoma.  Any other advice on softening  toenail?  Sorry for all of the 
questions, but I know this is a great place  to start.  Thanks in advance.
Sylinda Battle

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