[Histonet] Excelsior processor in Biotech/Pharma facilities

Tracy Bergeron tracy.bergeron <@t> biogenidec.com
Thu Mar 27 10:25:42 CDT 2008

Hi folks,

        We are looking into getting a new processor in our lab.  We are 
trying to decide between the VIP and the Excelsior.  Several of us are 
most familiar with the VIP, and like the ease of use and # of cassettes it 
holds, the rest of our group though familiar with the VIP like the idea of 
conserving reagents by using the Excelsior. 

That said
I am looking for information from the biotech/Pharma community on the 
Is there anyone out there using this processor outside the clinical lab?
Does it work well on rodent tissue?
What about hard tissues?
Paws (mouse and rat)

My next question is for people familiar with the earlier models of the 
Excelsior as well as the newest model. (clinical or research)
I find the software for the older model very cumbersome and not user 
Is the software on the newer machines any easier to use for the average 
Is it as easy as using the VIP, or Pathcenter? - follow the prompts sort 
of thing.
I would appreciate any input folks have.

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