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Wow Helayne, sounds like quite a challenge.  Not to be unfair, as I
don't know the individual you're training, but that's a tall order.  So
many people attend college for at least 2 years to train.  And the OJT
path is not available for certification.  I do imagine it is helpful
having Path Secretary experience.  The terminology should have a good
foundation in any case.
As far as texts and training aids are concerned...I would recommend the
Theory and Practice of Histotechnology by Sheehan and Hrapchak, commonly
referred to as "Sheehan" by a lot of folks (no slight to Hrapchak
intended).  Also, Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques by
Bancroft and Stevens.  These 2 publications have been of solid service
to me over the years.  If you can get your hands on an AFIP manual, I'd
do it.  I don't have one, but have had access off and on in different
positions I've held, it's a great reference.  I also like the Atlas of
Human Histology by diFiore, it's a very nice illustrated reference.  I
would also recommend a good Anatomy and Physiology text of some sort as
well as a basic chemistry text (at least to have on hand to refer to).
I know other techs who've used Preece (spelling?).  I've heard that's a
good one, I've seen it but do not own a copy.  I know there are other
good reference out there.  I can't remember the names as I don't own the
I think the NSH is a valuable resource as well.  They publish study
guides for taking the certification exam and I'm sure have recommended
texts as well.  Any state conventions/workshops could be valuable too.
Many seminars are geared at the basic level and probably would not
overwhelm this person.  A basic understanding of IHC would be helpful,
but that may be something to consider down the road.  Having access to
the histonet is of great value as well.  I'm certain you'll get some
great recommendations from the knowledgeable folks on this list.
Good luck,

Thomas Jasper HT (ASCP) BAS
Histology Supervisor
Central Oregon Regional Pathology Services
Bend, OR 97701

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Hi Guys,
  Just wondering what texts, training aids etc one would recommend to
use for training a person w/ no experience in Histo (from scratch).  The
only path experience this person has is being a Path Secretary.  I have
trained many people before but usually they were lab techs or what have

Helayne Parker, HT (ASCP)

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