[Histonet] HMP300 tissue processor

Simon Smith histion <@t> hotmail.com
Wed Mar 12 11:32:07 CDT 2008



I have an old but good Microm/Hacker HMP300 tissue processor which is
refusing to behave at the moment.  

When trying to run it fails at diagnostic #3, A more detailed check reveals
the problem to be a "Station valve driver fail off" error for station 14
(the xylene cleaning step).  I have obtained and replaced the valve to no
effect, I swapped the electrical connections between station 14 and 15 (I
still get the same error for station 14) and am at the end of my patience
with the wee beastie.


I have the following questions:


1.	What is causing the problem?
2.	How do I fix it?
3.	Is there anyone out there who remembers these machines and can fix
the problem?  I am located just North of Seattle.
4.	Failing that, does anyone have a service manual and/or parts I can
borrow or buy?


Thanks in advance for your help



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