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Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 07:49:13 CDT 2008

Why do you see that "unreasonable"? "Pay by piece" or "by task" is one of the best ways of being paid and assures the highest productivity level, the only draw back is tha it needs a tight QA.
  Did you know that we in the US are paid less by hour that our Canadian, Australian, British and South African counterparts? That the salary for out histotechs is amongst the worst in the field? That they are linked to the inflation rate and cannot go agove it?
  Why a work like ours with all the responsibilities it entails has to be lower than that of a good manufacturing machinist?
  Salaries should be negotiated on the basis of what one thinks is worth. When negotiating a salary you should not consider what others earn, it is YOUR salary and you negotiate it as an individual not as part of a group.
  If somebody end making $50/hour , DURING SOME HOURS, I don't mind. What one has to do is to come with a similar soluitin to earn more, that is all.
  Ti me it is perfectly logical to ask for $2 or $3 per specimen. What fraction of the return money the lab gets is that amount?
  Did you know that for a $850/test FISH the materials costa is less that $25/ test? Why can you not be a participant of that total revenue?
  Go for it, and ask $2 or $3 per specimen. If you are good at what you do, and your lab administrator is not stingy you will get it!
  René J. 

Judy Collins <JCollins <@t> palmbeachpath.com> wrote:
  Our grossing techs usually gross up to 50 specimens per hour (most are 88305) so at your suggested rate, they would be paid $400.00 per day. That would be $50.00 per hour. That seems unreasonable.

Judy Collins
Palm Beach Pathology

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