[Histonet] problem with vibratome slicing

alonso.martinezcanabal <@t> utoronto.ca alonso.martinezcanabal <@t> utoronto.ca
Sat Mar 1 22:37:48 CST 2008

         My last e-mail did not appeared in the list, for I do not wat reason.
  Well, I was telling you that I am trying to have nice sections  
mounted right away in vibratome, in poly-l-lysine coated slides.  
Everyting is fine, until I want to wash the brain sections with water  
to perform and HE counterstaining, and the sections fall off. What  
could be happen? why with gelatin coated slides this does not happen?  
I have to do it with p-l-l because my protocol requires HAR and  
gelatin does not support that.
        Thank you very much

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