[Histonet] Digesters PLEASE TRIM!

Amos Brooks amosbrooks <@t> gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 18:23:20 CDT 2008

   I've been guilty of this on occasion as well, but for the love of sanity
PLEASE TRIM YOUR POSTS! The digest version is completly unreadable when
folks subscribed to digest reply to a post without trimming the original
post. (Just highlight the text and hit [delete] )
   Non digest folks, you aren't off the hook either. Replying to an
untrimmed digest is just as bad as not trimming it in the first place.
(Please see the above trimming directions.)
   There really is no reason that the digest (usually carrying 20-25
messages) should be so filled up with clutter that only 3 messages come
thru. Please be respectful of the amount of time it takes to wade thru all
this. This forum is too great a resource to be wasted on pointless &
careless wasted space.

A bit of Nettiquette please,

PS I am truly sorry if this comes across sharply, but it really needs to

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