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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)-The rules vary depending upon the particular age of the minor and the particular job involved. As a general rule, the FLSA sets 14 years of age as the minimum age for employment, and limits the number of hours worked by minors under the age of 16.
Also, the FLSA generally prohibits the employment of a minor in work declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor (for example, work involving excavation, driving, and the operation of many types of power-driven equipment). The FLSA contains a number of requirements that apply only to particular types of jobs (for example, agricultural work or the operation of motor vehicles) and many exceptions to the general rules (for example, work by a minor for his or her parents). Each state also has its own laws relating to employment, including the employment of minors. If state law and the FLSA overlap, the law which is more protective of the minor will apply.
The FLSA "covers" or applies to all employees of certain "enterprises." All employees of an enterprise, as defined by the FLSA, are covered regardless of the duties they perform. If a worker is not an employee of one of these enterprises, he or she may still be covered if the employee's own duties meet certain interstate commerce requirements
"enterprise" inlcudes: A hospital, or an institution primarily engaged in the care of the sick, the aged, or the mentally ill or mentally retarded who live on the premises (it does not matter if the hospital or institution is public or private or is operated for profit or not-for-profit) 
Regulations29 CFR §570.2 Minimum Age Standards for Nonagricultural Employment 
29 CFR §§570.31-34 
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