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Hi All,

I have to chime in here. I started in histology by volunteering in high
school in my last semester. My 'job' was to change the lids on 8000 pint and
quart mason jars of autopsy tissue. This required ripping off the old,
corroded lid (if it wouldn't screw off) with a pair of pliers, fill with
fresh formalin and screw on a new plastic lid. I did one or two cart loads
per day. It took a long time, even beyond the semester. I was hired that
summer as a Lab Aid. Needless to say, I was exposed to many things with that
job and other duties when I was hired. That was in 1965! And I am still
going strong in a field I love, especially since I have added Mohs to my

That being said, I think with some caution, bringing adolescent children
(old enough to follow directions) into the lab for short visits to see what
Mom or Dad do for a living can be a wonderful experience and can set some
kids on a life-long journey of discovery, even if they don't end up an
Histotechnologist. Especially if you can show them some interesting 'stuff'
while they are there. 

I think I would get the approval of the 'boss' whoever that might be and
exercising some precautions about exposure to harmful chemicals and sharp
instruments, infectious agents, etc. Don't most hospitals have a come to
work with parents day still?

Best Regards,
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My husband has a job with a large international corporation.  One of his 
responsibilities is to make sure that third party vendor suppliers 
overseas do not employ children under the age of 16.  A lot of these 
factories employ peasants from farms who provide support to the entire 
farm family.  They want the jobs, but this leaves them open to abuse from 
Also, the working conditions have to meet US standards.  By today's 
standards, children are not allowed to with or around hazardous chemicals. 
  Doesn't matter what state you are in - the federal laws pretty much 
cover it.   On the other side of the coin, when my own kids were younger, 
I would bring them to work with me on Saturdays where they would help me 
change the processor.       Yeah, but knowing now what I didn't know then 
- I won't even let my granddaughter in my lab.    I even change my clothes 
before I go to see her after work.   I fear the question, "Mommy, why does 
Grandma smell like formaldehyde and rats?".    She's only one year old, 
but you have to nip these questions in the bud. 
Bottom line - why would any parent want their kids exposed to the 
dangerous chemicals we work with?   But, again, I do send two of my 
daughters to work every day to interact with possibly rabid animals.
As you can tell, I'm undecided on this topic. 

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RE: [Histonet] Legality of work

Not to mention that 15 year olds would not even have the education to do 
on-line program. There are requirements as we all know. Scary, scary 
Does this pathologist know the meaning of malpractice and wouldn't the AMA
be of help in this as well as ASCP?

Bernice Frederick HTL (ASCP)
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Here is how I see your problem:
  1- you have already contacted the Child and Labor Dept. about this 
so it is very likely (if they are doing their job) that the will "pay a
visit" to the lab and talk with the pathologist.
  2- if that is what is going to happen you are going to be in trouble.
  3- as the "youngster's" trainer you are accomplice to the violation,
because you know her age and keep training her.
  4- if this pathologist is also calling names to others, he is an 
jerk that thinks is owner, not only of the place, but of the world.
  5- I don't think this is the right place to work so sooner or later you
should try to find a new place to work.
  6- if that is going to be how this whole issue is going to end, I think
that you should do what is correct and tell him that you are not willing 
participate in violating the laboral laws and stop training his daughter.
  You will sleep better and perhaps this fellow will realize that he is
doing something wrong and that you are not willing to accept the 
  At least that is what I would do. Consult with some close friend or 
member and present a formal complaint with Child Labor BEFORE doing #6. If
he fires you because of this then you will have PROOF that you complained
against him because of a law violation and will be able to claim
unemployment, even if he says that you were fired for "work substandard
performance", you will have proof that this is not the case, but revenge
against you.
  Good luck!
René J.

Karla Arrington <freckles9660 <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
I have roughly 2 dilemmas.  The first is of a legal matter.  The 
for a week has had his daughter (15 years old), helping
me out in the histology lab.  He wants her to get training from me, then 
the on-line HT program.  She has handled chemicals
and reagents.  I am very uncomfortable with this.  I have called the Child
Labor Laws department for our state and it is illegal 
for a 15 year to be in a laboratory. Needless to say working with blood
borne pathogens.  My most concern is the following.  As her "teacher", 
can I or other co-workers can be held accountable if this is illegal and 
found out? This pathologist mind you is the owner of the business. 
I am afraid if I say something, I will get fired. Where do I go from here 
if there is someone who has a similar circumstance happen to them. 
The other scenario is that this same Pathologist has called a tech a
slandering name, twice.  There is no "upper management" to go to
since he is the owner of the business. I was wondering if this is 
harassment and can this be used to nullify a contract signed
by both parties for employment. 
freckles9660 <@t> yahoo.com

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