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Xilong Li Xilong.Li <@t> UTSouthwestern.edu
Thu Jun 5 10:29:34 CDT 2008

Hi, All, 

I am wondering is there any guys who use Diff-Quick Stain kit from IMEB Inc? Our lab use this kit to stain cells spinned down on the slide from bronchoalveolar lavage. We want to distinguish the changes of lymphocyte and neutrophil, we also want to include eosinophil if possible. The results were not stable, some cells were stained too light, some cells on another slide were too dark, at most of time, it is very hard to distinguish the cell type.  Please let me know if you have any experience in the staining those kind of cells by Diff-Quick Stain kit or other kit. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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