[Histonet] ATPase.

Ian Montgomery ian.montgomery <@t> bio.gla.ac.uk
Wed Jun 4 07:55:24 CDT 2008

            About to trial two techniques for the demonstration of ATPase in
human skeletal muscle.


A Metachromatic Dye-ATPase Method for the Simultaneous Identification of
Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types I, IIA, IIB and IIC.

Ogilvie,R.W. & Feeback,D.L. 1990. Stain Technol. 65. 231-242


Inhibition Reactivation Myofibrillar ATPase Technique for Demonstration of
Three Fiber Types in a Single Cryostat Section.

Horak,V. & Matolin,S. 1990 Stain Technol. 65. 85-90


            Has anyone tried these techniques and do you have any comments
on their efficacy? They both appear straightforward with the papers giving
details of the method. But like everything there is always the wee wrinkle
that's omitted that makes the difference. So, why re-invent the wheel and
give myself even more grey hair when someone might have the answer.




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