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Speaking of Surgipath Hematoxylin... Has anyone heard of their new Hematoxylin MX (Selectech line) specifically for frozens that is currently in "Beta" testing? (my co-worker has said the 'Beta testing' part is just to get you get the rep to show you the product then to buy other stuff. i.e. bait and switch) is supposed to be darker than regular heme. How reproducible is it? i.e. 'idiot proof'. Is there a strength continuity between batches.  How well does it age?We have a linear stainer with fixed times for each well, but also want to encorporate it into hand staining frozens and maybe even cut down on paraffin staining times. 
Thanks guys


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I had this very same issue with Surgipath Hematoxylin a few months ago.
Jumped through hoops to try to fix the problem.  Found a very effective and
fast solution after getting excellent responses on Histonet:  I changed
brands of hematoxylin.  Kept Surgipath reagents for the rest of our H&E
staining, but switched to a rebranded Hematoxylin from a local source (
Belair Instruments in New Jersey...dont know who the actual manufacturer of
the Hematoxylin is, but it works great).  It seems more than a few other
people have had the exact same issue with Surgipath hematoxlyin.  Alot of
people had switched to various different brands and fixed the problem.  Its
a shame as we used the Surgipath brand hematoxylin for 12 years without
issue until this happened.

Ocean County Medical Lab
Brick, New Jersey

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> Hi Folks,
> I have been using the Surgipath Selectech reagents (H&E) for almost 3
> months now and I have not had a single complaint about staining...until
> now.  Suddenly the mucin containing cells are too blue.  My first
> thought was to make fresh Define (the Surgipath differentiator).  This
> did not fix the problem.  Next I replaced the hematoxylin with fresh
> (not supposed to have to change before 2500 slides, but changed at 1500
> slides to see if that would correct the problem). It has not.
> I was sure that fresh hematoxylin (and thererfore correct pH) would
> rectify the problem.  What are the other usual suspects here?  I should
> also mention our H&E's are done on the Leica Autostainer.
> I look forward to receiving your collective insight!
> Greg
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