[Histonet] Re:Mucin containing cells too blue

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Thu Jan 31 17:01:25 CST 2008

I had this very same issue with Surgipath Hematoxylin a few months ago. 
Jumped through hoops to try to fix the problem.  Found a very effective and 
fast solution after getting excellent responses on Histonet:  I changed 
brands of hematoxylin.  Kept Surgipath reagents for the rest of our H&E 
staining, but switched to a rebranded Hematoxylin from a local source ( 
Belair Instruments in New Jersey...dont know who the actual manufacturer of 
the Hematoxylin is, but it works great).  It seems more than a few other 
people have had the exact same issue with Surgipath hematoxlyin.  Alot of 
people had switched to various different brands and fixed the problem.  Its 
a shame as we used the Surgipath brand hematoxylin for 12 years without 
issue until this happened.

Ocean County Medical Lab
Brick, New Jersey

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> Hi Folks,
> I have been using the Surgipath Selectech reagents (H&E) for almost 3
> months now and I have not had a single complaint about staining...until
> now.  Suddenly the mucin containing cells are too blue.  My first
> thought was to make fresh Define (the Surgipath differentiator).  This
> did not fix the problem.  Next I replaced the hematoxylin with fresh
> (not supposed to have to change before 2500 slides, but changed at 1500
> slides to see if that would correct the problem). It has not.
> I was sure that fresh hematoxylin (and thererfore correct pH) would
> rectify the problem.  What are the other usual suspects here?  I should
> also mention our H&E's are done on the Leica Autostainer.
> I look forward to receiving your collective insight!
> Greg
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