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Hi Joe,

Your right, education is never wasted.  I remember
when Donna Simmons turned 50, she went for her Ph.D. 
I remember Donna when she worked as an HT in WA State
in the early 80's.  She later served as a NSH Region 8
director and as a member of our editorial staff.  It
took her a few years because she was working full time
at Hedco Research Institute in LA, while working
towards her doctorate.  She finally obtained her goal.
 The last time I spoke with her last year, she was
happy with her decision. 

Then there is David Tacha, who was a HT in research
and clinical in the middle 70's.  He later got his HTL
in the early 80's.
 He didn't think he would ever need his HTL if he was
going to stay in primate research.  Pauline Keegan,
his mentor,
talked him into taking the HTL exam.  He never
regreted taking his HTL exam.  When he moved into
Biotech, he required a Ph.D to establish his
credibility for Biocare as the head of IHC R&D.  He
was in his 50's when he got his Ph.D.  I'm sure he
never has regreted all the
hard work obtaining his goal.


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--- Joe Nocito <jnocito <@t> satx.rr.com> wrote:
I know that this topic might not affect histology
know, but I'm sure it will later. I was just reading
the survey results in Advance for Laboratory
Medicine and many MTs are for it, surprising as it
is. I know that there are many of you with doctorate
degrees and I'm wondering how you think this
affected your employment, salary and positions. 
Right now I'm struggling with myself to get a
graduate degree. The lazy side of me is saying what
will it get me? I'm as far as I can go in my current
position. There just isn't any higher positions for
a PA working for the military. The rational side
says education is never wasted.
Just a thought. Wow, I know this is pretty deep for
me. See, I bet some of you thought I didn't have a
 serious side.


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