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Hello everyone,


First, I would like to introduce myself as a newly certified pathologist assistant.  My name is Vince Van Cleave (Steven is my first name) and I was OJT.  I have been doing gross examination since 2002.  Here is the deal.  Since I have become certified, our pathologists want to get me doing gross at the hospital across the street as well as our private lab.  It is something that I should be able to handle no sweat.  The issue that we have been dealing with for the past 4 months is getting the hospital to allow me privelages to perform gross exam over there.  To do this they want me to go through the entire allied health professionals credentialing procedures.  This means, CPR certification, liability insurance, privelages request forms, credentialing forms (the same ones the docs fill out), and etc.  I did a two week internship at UTMB and it took me about 2 weeks to get approved for doing examinations over there.  I mean, I did criminal history, volunteer app, a "yes, I had my shots" thingy, references, and that was really about it.  I think this is extremely assinine for the entire hospital administration to have a meeting to approve the possiblity, wait until their next meeting b/c it wasn't important as other problems they had to deal with, wait another two months for them to approve the "category," then wait two months to have another meeting to decide they don't have all the info they need, then wait until their next meeting to approve my credentials, then wait another two months for the next meeting to have them approve my application.  Somebody please tell me that this isn't normal, b/c they feel like it absolutely has to be done that way.  Of course, I should keep my mouth shut about my opinions I have had about the administration over there for ten years, to keep things professional here.  haha.  Well, anyone that might be able to help me out in the way of providing me with your experiences, that would be great.  I appreciate you all and what you do for health care.  God Bless. 

-Vince Van Cleave, PA(ASCP), HTL(ASCP), HT(ASCP)
Vince Van Cleave, PA(ASCP)CM, HTL, HT
Laboratory Manager and Pathologist Assistant
Clinical Pathology Associates
Abilene, TX

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