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Dear Anna and Histonetters,

Herxheimer's Fat stain was taught to us in my training days at Royal
Melbourne Institute of Technology - I still use it occasionally and teach it
to our Med Lab Science students.

The method, and I quote from "Histological Methods" compiled by J.Blake and

"Mix equal quantities of dry Sudan III, IV and Oil Red O powder in a clear
dry bottle. Add a mixture of equal volumes of acetone and 70% ethanol and
shake well. Leave solution to saturate a few days.
For use: Pipette supernatant without disturbing precipitate. When using,
cover vessel to avoid evaporation and precipitation of stain."

The method is to stain frozen sections with Mayer's haematoxylin, blue,
rinse in 70% ethanol, stain in Herxheimer's for 1 minute, rinse in 70%
ethanol then water and mount in an aqueous mounting medium.

The reference given is:-    Herxheimer,  Zbl. Allg. Path., 14, 891, 1903.
(Probably a bit early for our archives.)

Regards,   Laurie.

Mr. Laurie REILLY
School of  Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
James Cook University
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Hello Histonet,
   A colleague has suggested that I do some research on Herxheimer's  
stain.  Nothing turned up in the archives, so I hope someone can help  
me.  She was interested in its properties for staining sebaceous  
glands along with making hair visible (esp. in whole mounts).  We know  
that oil red is used for this too.  Does anyone have any info on which  
would be better for what?  Much of the work I do is focused on hair  
follicles, so this would be valuable info.
   (I also apologize for any funny phrasing or bad grammar as I am a  
bit under the weather right now)
   Core Tech (Dermatology Basic Science Research)
   Columbia Univ Med Center

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