[Histonet] CJD and CSF Fluids

Laurie Colbert laurie.colbert <@t> huntingtonhospital.com
Thu Jan 10 12:22:03 CST 2008

The Clinical Lab is asking about disposing of CSF's from CJD or
suspected CJD cases.  They are saying to incinerate the left over
specimen.  I have a procedure for handling tissue, but not fluids.  My
procedure says to incinerate paraffin scraps and unused sections (this
is after the tissue has been through formalin for 2-7 days and in formic
acid for 1 hour).  Additionally, we are supposed to mix processing and
staining soloutions with equal parts bleach before disposal.


Does anyone have a procedure for discarding of CSF's or other fluids?


Laurie Colbert

Huntington Hospital

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