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I've worked in different situations where on call was required and
each handled it a bit differently.

In one place we rotated on call/weekend service where we had a day off
during the week, worked a FULL Saturday  and took call for the next
day.  Our base was $25 for just carrying the beeper on Sunday a
percentage for after hours coverage on Saturday.  If we were called
back in then we received automatic 2 hours OT, whether we were there
for 15 minutes or the full 2 hours, any additional hours were covered
at the time and a half rate.  If it was a holiday and we were called
back we were compensated at the holiday rate under the same

For weeknight coverage we were paid something like $2 - 3 per hour
with the same OT as weekends if we were called back.  This was between

In another position I was the lab manager and I was essentially on
call 24/7 without any compensation - this meant if I was called late
at night for a freezer alarm or an off hour tissue collection/animal
take down, I had to come in.  I was then given "compensatory time off"
in lieu of $'s.  In someways this worked out pretty well as I'm a
single parent I used to use this time if I had to take off for a
family reasons.

In another lab, my staff was only on call for weekend/holiday
emergency biopsy services - no frozens were done in our lab - and we
usually knew on Friday night if we would have a case coming through
that would require someone to come in.  So coverage would begin on
Saturday morning at 8am and end at 6pm Sunday night.  Each tech would
be paid 10% of their hourly rate for just carrying the beeper.  If
they were working they would get time and a half for the actual hours
worked and also paid the on call as well.  If called in on a  holiday
they recieved premium pay which is 2X their hourly wage.  The average
on call for 34 hours was $85 which I think was pretty fair and better
than most places I'd seen given that when you take on call your
weekends are pretty limited as to what you can do.

Good luck!

On 1/4/08, Carrie Disbrow <disbrc <@t> shands.ufl.edu> wrote:
> We think our hourly pay to carry the beeper when  on call is too low and we  have talked to management.  We supply coverage on weekends and holidays and we rotate the beeper weekly.
> Our employer said if we took a survey and the results revealed our on-call pay is below average we might get an increase.
> Would anyone like to participate in our survey?
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