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Sharon E. Willman (where?) asks for information about "Lendrun" and
Fraser stains, she doesn't say for what.

A.C. Lendrum, I was told back around 1970, was one of the last
histologists who understood textile dyes. Apparently there were a lot
of small factories making obscure dyes in Scotland back then, and he
knew all of these single malt dye-makers and collected numerous
samples. His eclectic habits make it difficult to identify the dyes he
used, let alone obtain and use them. That and the invention of
immunohistochemistry probably consign most of his work to oblivion.

Lendrum's "Obadiah" stain (he was fond of such fanciful names) for
fibrin was in use in a research lab at Cornell Medical Center on east
68th street in New York City when I was there briefly in 1968.
Stainsfile gives the following reference: Lendrum, A. C., et. al.
(1962) "Studies on the character and staining of fibrin." Journal of
Clinical Pathology, v. 15, p. 401. [this is a British journal, not the
AJCP]. Rotsa ruck finding naphthalene blue black CS, Chicago red, or
polar brilliant red BN.

John Kiernan - Dick Dapson - Mike Titford - other geezers on this list
- do you know anything more about A.C. Lendrum? He must have been an
interesting guy!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
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