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Thu Jan 3 15:43:08 CST 2008

Hi Histonetters!
I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season.  I just read the
posting from Robert Garhart a recruiter at System One Search.
I just wanted to comment to those of you who might not be aware that by
releasing this information you are actually releasing  basic pre
interview information. I am not saying don't do it I am just saying be
aware of how the information could potentially be used.  (i.e. Your
information could be released to an employer for a potential job opening
without your permission).  By releasing this information you could be
giving up your confidentiality.  Having been a professional recruiter
for over 25 years I have seen these types of requests before and more
importantly the havoc it can wreak for an individual.  Here are several
scenarios I have seen:
Each of these scenarios starts this way:  The recruiter takes the
information you have supplied for this "survey" and gives it to a client
(a fishing expedition of sorts), without your knowledge or permission,
then once there is interest from the client they contact you, regardless
of whether or not you are looking for a job.
Here are the potential outcomes:
1.  You send your resume to a client and are not considered for the
position because you have already been submitted by a recruiter without
your knowledge or permission and the client is not paying fees at that
2.   You are working with a recruiter who you have consented to have
represent you at a client and that recruiter who you trust to
represent you has accurately given you all the information on the
position before submitting your resume and has done all of the footwork
with the client is excluded from your placement because you have been
submitted by another recruiter without your knowledge or permission.  In
this scenario you could also be cut from consideration because employers
don't like to get caught up in conflicts between recruiters.  Not to
mention it makes you the candidate, look unprofessional by not realizing
that someone you have not given permission to is representing you.
3. Your  resume is sent to your current employer or an affiliate
facility without your permission or knowledge - OUCH!!.
4.  By giving this information you could be in violation of your
company's own confidentialty policy.  
This information could also be sold for SPAM or used to build a
candidate database.
And as most of you know the information he is looking for is actually
available in a confidential format free of charge at both the NSH and
ASCP websites and at the website Salary.com   
I am not saying don't respond I am merely saying be aware of what could
potentially result from responding.
In this day and age it is very important to have control of your
personal information, who you give it out to and how it is used.
Thank You!

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