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Dear Gudrun:
In my paper on formaldehyde that I sent you some days ago, I mention the work by Helander (1994) in Table 2 where it is shown that formaldehyde fixation is faster at pH7 than at pH4 using radioactive carbon (Section"4", pp 390 of my article).
Hope this will answer your question. Happy holidays.
René J.

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Subject: [Histonet] formaldehyd fixation - ph
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Hi dear listmembers,

Is it generally accepted, that formaldehyd fixation in an acid environment
is less effective than in basic? Or in other words: Does formaldehyde bind
to proteins in acid solution to a smaller amount than in basic solutions?


I have found a publication (Theis, 1944) where the the amount of bound
formaldehyde was plotted against pH. And the line increased with the pH. A
few years later Gustavson published that Theis' methods of measurement were
wrong and also his findings about the reactionpartners of formaldehyde. But
I cannot find a newer paper about the effect of pH on formaldehydfixation.

Can anyone help me out?


Froehliche Weihnachten!

Gudrun Lang

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