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Hi Erin
While the request from your pathologists seems unreasonable from my experience the following steps will give the best results.  Use a rapid drying mountant many of which are on the market.  Consult your local suppliers.  Dry in an incubator as you have been doing but when you remove from the incubator allow the slides to cool before filing or even sorting into piles.  The mountant may be dry but the heat will make it sticky gluing the slides together.  Just think of new bitumen on a very hot day.
All the best.
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>>> "Martin, Erin" <Erin.Martin <@t> ucsf.edu> 23/12/2008 5:06 am >>>
Hello everyone,

I was asked to find out how to dry slides quickly.  They are glass coverslipped in an automated coverslipper at the reference lab we use and the our docs want them filed in less than 12 hours from the time they are coverslipped.   We have been putting them in a 125 degree C convection oven for a few hours but the slides still get all stuck together in the file.  They will not consider film coverslipping. 

Does anyone else file this quickly?  I am grateful for any suggestions!

Erin Martin UCSF Dermatopathology

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