[Histonet] In regards to a previous email I sent out..

Jennifer Campbell jcampbell <@t> vdxpathology.com
Wed Dec 17 13:27:29 CST 2008

Hi everyone,
  I sent out an email titled, "Any Opinions on these microtomes?" the
other day asking for some opinions and feedback on a few microtomes I
was interested in.  I wanted to thank those of you who answered my email
and gave me some helpful feedback. 
 I have recieved a number of phone calls at work today from sales reps
trying to sell me other models that I had not asked about in my email. I
have already contacted our own sales rep and are therefore not looking
for someone to sell us a new microtome but, rather someone to give us
some feedback on the ones we are considering.   If phone calls of this
matter could be avoided, I would greatly appreciate it.  
Thank you,
Jennifer Campbell

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