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here we go and it's almost Friday. I received a call just like that at my 
last job. Me being me, I gave her a piece of my mind ( not too much, I don't 
have that much to go around). Told her she had some big testicles (not the 
word I used, but you get the idea) and hung up. I then called in the tech 
and had a talk with him. Asked him if he was looking for a job. He told me 
that he wasn't and didn't know how she got his name. I told him that if he 
was looking for another job to do it on his time and on his dollar. If I 
ever received another call from a headhunter naming him, he would have to 
talk to them because he would be shown the door.
There are other ways to go about this. Calling a lab is not one of them, but 
I'm sure some people give their work number for different reasons, trying to 
use it as leverage for a pay raise, to get the supervisors nervous, because 
the techs are that brazen, or belong to the id10t  club. Let's face it, we 
are becoming a scarce breed and people have quotas to meet. Some will stop 
at nothing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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I Wanted to obtained opinions of Managers/Supervisors in the histo world and 
how you handle situations regarding recruiters calling directly into 
Pathology Labs to specific tech's and stating they are seeking referrals for 
job placements. I recently had an AP staffing solution company call one of 
my labs to talk to any "histologist"  I felt was to recruit staff.  I feel 
this is an unprofessional practice to call directly into the laboratory and 
to hide behind the wording "referrals" when actually it appears they are 
trying to get information from the tech on the phone seeing if they are 
looking for a "new job".  I feel that this is an intrusion as well as 
inappropriate in our line of business and we are not in the business to give 
referrals to companies in the staffing solution arena for their monetary 
gain as well as trying to entice  our staff. What the staff does with these 
types of companies on personal time is their business, however, I think it 
is offending for companies to demonstrate this behavior.  If anyone would 
like to know which company and person called into my lab I will personally 
inform you on private email!

Michael LaFriniere
Executive Director
Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia

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