[Histonet] de-waxing / staining station question

Anna K. Schultz as3323 <@t> columbia.edu
Wed Dec 10 14:12:31 CST 2008

Hi all,
  In an effort to reduce space usage, it has been suggested that I 
eliminate one of two xylene steps (and lengthen the time in the 
remaining xylene) when de-waxing paraffin sections.  I do not see any 
protocols that only use one step of xylene.  Are two strictly 
necessary?  I would like to know the reasoning.
  Also, do gill hematoxylins and alcoholic eosin need to be used and 
stored under a hood?  I've read the MSDS but it wasn't entirely clear if 
they should just be used with caution or strictly under the hood.  They 
are in staining buckets with lids (the lids are sometimes leaky).
  I thought I would seek some advice here.
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