[Histonet] old slide disposal

Stacy McLaughlin Stacy_McLaughlin <@t> cooley-dickinson.org
Wed Dec 10 12:28:55 CST 2008

We are going to dispose of very old histology slides.  I was told by our environmental services manager that they were OK to box up and put them in a trash compactor to go to the landfill. (as long as any names were blacked out to avoid HIPAA violations).
2 years ago when we did this, I was told I had to put them in a sharps container, inside of a biohazard box for incineration.

Quite a contrast of instructions!  Makes us feel quite uncomfortable.

Does any one know of any info on the regulations covering this topic?  How do your institutions handle this?

Thanks for your help!!!

Stacy McLaughlin HT(ASCP)
Lead Histology Tech./Laboratory Safety

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