[Histonet] Alias identity

Amber McKenzie amber.mckenzie <@t> gastrodocs.net
Wed Dec 3 10:06:27 CST 2008


I have to put my 2 cents in about all the statements on having an alias
name instead of identifying who each person is after each email...WHAT'S
THE BIG DEAL??  We are all supposed to be professionals asking each
other for advice/suggestions on the Histonet - who cares who each person
is?  If I post a question, I don't care if it's Jane Doe answering or
John Smith.  I assume that if we're on this list that we're all
credible, knowledge and professionals.  Come on people, we're all in the
same boat here. If I'd thought about putting an alias name for myself
instead of my real name, I would have! Simply b/c last month I posted a
question on the Histonet asking where you all bought your lab chairs,
and I ended up having 2 vendors call me at my office trying to sell me
some when all I wanted was the advice of other HT's.  I love the idea of
people not knowing who I am or where I work.  Then I wouldn't have to
worry about being harassed on the phone.  


Instead of worrying about the little things on the Histonet - like who
each person is, why can't we focus on work related issues?  I have to
delete so much junk just to get to the material that actually applies to
my field b/c of all the multiple emails that don't even matter. 

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