[Histonet] Help please from Cerner Millennium users

Cathy.Crumpton <@t> tuality.org Cathy.Crumpton <@t> tuality.org
Fri Aug 29 07:02:10 CDT 2008

   We are six weeks into go live with Cerner Mil   Director  (who  could  not be bothered to give much in   build)  has  suddenly  decided that the way Millennium splits u   fluids  and  tissues  is  "unacceptable".   She has real issues with    bronch  bx  and washings being taken in the same procedure but getting
   separa   our end   the  patholog   referencing  the  other  access   other labs handled this issue?&n   is  making  it  out  to be?  The path   into  our  build did not seem to have a probl   us find our current solution.  What have other   

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